Raisin-South Nation Source Protection

Reports, Maps and Resources

Official Reports

Source Protection Plan
September 1, 2016
Status: Approved
Explanatory Document
September 1, 2016
Status: Approved
Assessment Report,
South Nation Source Protection Area

Revised September 1, 2016
Status: Accepted
Terms of Reference
May 31, 2009
Status: Accepted
Water Budget
Conceptual Understanding,
Tier-1, Tier-2, and
Tier-3 Local Area Risk Assessment.
Electronic Library
Search over 2,000 documents related to Source Water Protection from across the Source Protection Region



GIS Geo Portal
Online Interactive Mapping

Note: The Source Protection Plan and Assessment Reports each contain many useful maps. Those maps are located in the Official Reports section of this site.



Farm Source Water Protection
OFEC Framework
October 2013.
Municipal Fact Sheets
Individual Fact Sheets for each Municipal Drinking Water System in the Source Protection Region
Supporting Documentation
Province of Ontario documentation and web resources to support Source Protection
Source Protection Brochures
A series of educational brochures geared towards source water protection
Safe Oil Storage
Best Practices and Solutions for Safe Oil Storage


Find out how the Source Protection Plans for the Raisin-South Nation Source Protection Region safeguard the municipal drinking water for your community: