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Terms of Reference

The latest version is dated May 31, 2009.

The Terms of Reference is a document which outlines the work that needs to be undertaken to complete the Assessment Report and the Source Protection Plan. While preparing the Terms of Reference, the Source Protection Committee, in collaboration with Source Protection Authorities and municipalities, ensure all parties understand the nature and scope of the tasks that they have been assigned within the Terms of Reference.

There are several major elements which need to be considered when completing the Terms of Reference:

  • The drinking water systems that are included in the Assessment Report;
  • The most appropriate lead(s) to undertake the task;
  • Timelines and budgets;
  • Work already done that may be used to fulfill components of the Assessment Report and the Source Protection Plan; and
  • Matters that may affect other Source Protection Committees.

Download the Terms of Reference (PDF, 6MB)